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Saturday, July 08, 2006

I hate intarsia!! But love presents!!

Have I told you before I absolutely HATE I repeat HATE intarsia! I just Hate it Ilove the graphic designs I love looking at the pattern books and thinking boy, I love the look of that design. but, damn! I hate doing it. I hate the tangled yarn, I can't quite get the rhythm of the twisting of the yarn so that you don't get holes. It seems I try hard to leave the right amount of slack but I still get buckling and pulling. The good thing is that it is a baby sweater so it's not that big and I should be done soon.

On a happier note I received another present from across the pond. My SP8 Pal has been spoiling me rotten!! I got some more yummy chocloate, and a magnet and a really cool kit to make some much needed stitch markers. Thanks again Sp8 Pal! YOU ROCK!!


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