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Monday, June 12, 2006

I hate when that happens

So I 'm working on the Noni bag and I hate when it doesn't turn out right. Before I started knitting the bag I checked out the finished measurements and decided that the bag would be too large around for me and I adjusted the amount of stitches to cast on.
I made sure that I sewed the bag shut before felting by using heavy cotton string before I felted it. I had to felt it 4 times in the washer. felt O.K. about the felted bag until I saw the ends YUCK!!!!!!! I HATE the ends I hate that they didn't stay round. O.K. So problem #1 now on to problem #2 ...remember when I said I adjusted the circumferance of the bag. check out the size ratio of the felted bag to the felted flower. OOPS flower is a little to big .. OOPS not to mention that when I felted the flower I don't know what I had in the washer at the same time but it is infested with dog hair!!!
AARGH!! I'm not sure what to do I love the flower I love the bag so long as I don't see the end . How much time and money do I waste.


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