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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Holy Crap! Where'd that Bag-O-Yarn come from

O.K. so I know we all have yarn stash, but this takes the word "Stash" to a new level.
I was looking in the garage for a lawn sprinkler when I ran across a shopping bag that was stapled closed at the top. The bag was from the Department store where I work so at first I thought -- what was I hiding from my husband? --but I don't do that, so what was in the bag??....... yarn!! 22 skeins of Peer Gynt yarn! O.K. so when did I buy the yarn? what was I going to make with 22 skeins of yarn? and why was the yarn in a Department store shopping bag in the garage?
After about 2 hours of thought I came up with the answer. I bought the yarn about 2 years ago on E-Bay I was intending to make a Norweigan sweater for my youngest son Tony and I put it in the garage in the dead of winter to freeze off any moths. OOPS Kinda forgot about the yarn, so if you're out there Tony and you want an Orange Norweigan sweater Just let me know.
Love Ya!!


Blogger Michelle said...

Tony says if you want to knit him a sweater, and you have some extra time, go ahead

5:25 PM  

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