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Friday, June 09, 2006

Don't you love a good mail day?

Don't you just love a good mail day? Today I received a fabulous goodie package from my One Skein pal. She sent me the most beautiful skein of merino yarn from Great Adirondack yarn co. as you can see I have already wound it into a ball in anticipation of knitting something I think either socks or maybe a piece of lace. Look at the other goodies she sent in my box. Some chocolate, cappuccino mix, note cards and sticky pads. Thanks One Skein Pal!!!
I also received a collar in the mail for Sherman. This is the cutest collar I have seen. It is reversable leather either Turquoise/chartreuse green. It has large grommet holes and then these buttons that resemble typewriter keys that you snap into the holes to spell out his name.


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