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Friday, June 30, 2006

And Clapotis makes three!

So I started working on this Clapotis for a friend of mine who is turning 60 this 4th of july a couple of weeks ago. My Sp8 wrote me about a week ago and mentioned that she is working on a Clapotis, then I was reading the blog of my One Skein Pal and She also is knitting a clapotis! What a coincidence!
I am on the decrease end and it seems as though I have been knitting and knitting and knitting on this thing forever but I am anxious to wash and block it and see how it turns out. I probably won't make one for myself for a while.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Just Gardening

Been working alot in my garden this last week. I was on vacation from work and so I got alot of work done. Dirt, sweat, and many trips to the garden center were in abundance last week but it feels great to have the work done. Now I just have to keep up with the weeding!! I received a couple of new books today I don't remember ordering them and aparently I received the Shawls book free which is great because I wouldn't have bought it. The Stictionart 2 book is a great cable reference book.
And Then There's SHERMAN!!!!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Goodies from across the pond

OOOH Look at the goodies I received from my SP8! All the way from London! I received a skein of Kidsilk haze in a beautiful cashmere color. I have never knit with this yarn before so it will be fun. I also received a skein of rusty colored rowanspun aran Fun!
Also included 2 bars of chocolate OOPs I ate 1 already and a neat pot of lip gloss.
Thanks SP8!!!!!!

Monday, June 12, 2006

I hate when that happens

So I 'm working on the Noni bag and I hate when it doesn't turn out right. Before I started knitting the bag I checked out the finished measurements and decided that the bag would be too large around for me and I adjusted the amount of stitches to cast on.
I made sure that I sewed the bag shut before felting by using heavy cotton string before I felted it. I had to felt it 4 times in the washer. felt O.K. about the felted bag until I saw the ends YUCK!!!!!!! I HATE the ends I hate that they didn't stay round. O.K. So problem #1 now on to problem #2 ...remember when I said I adjusted the circumferance of the bag. check out the size ratio of the felted bag to the felted flower. OOPS flower is a little to big .. OOPS not to mention that when I felted the flower I don't know what I had in the washer at the same time but it is infested with dog hair!!!
AARGH!! I'm not sure what to do I love the flower I love the bag so long as I don't see the end . How much time and money do I waste.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Don't you love a good mail day?

Don't you just love a good mail day? Today I received a fabulous goodie package from my One Skein pal. She sent me the most beautiful skein of merino yarn from Great Adirondack yarn co. as you can see I have already wound it into a ball in anticipation of knitting something I think either socks or maybe a piece of lace. Look at the other goodies she sent in my box. Some chocolate, cappuccino mix, note cards and sticky pads. Thanks One Skein Pal!!!
I also received a collar in the mail for Sherman. This is the cutest collar I have seen. It is reversable leather either Turquoise/chartreuse green. It has large grommet holes and then these buttons that resemble typewriter keys that you snap into the holes to spell out his name.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Holy Crap! Where'd that Bag-O-Yarn come from

O.K. so I know we all have yarn stash, but this takes the word "Stash" to a new level.
I was looking in the garage for a lawn sprinkler when I ran across a shopping bag that was stapled closed at the top. The bag was from the Department store where I work so at first I thought -- what was I hiding from my husband? --but I don't do that, so what was in the bag??....... yarn!! 22 skeins of Peer Gynt yarn! O.K. so when did I buy the yarn? what was I going to make with 22 skeins of yarn? and why was the yarn in a Department store shopping bag in the garage?
After about 2 hours of thought I came up with the answer. I bought the yarn about 2 years ago on E-Bay I was intending to make a Norweigan sweater for my youngest son Tony and I put it in the garage in the dead of winter to freeze off any moths. OOPS Kinda forgot about the yarn, so if you're out there Tony and you want an Orange Norweigan sweater Just let me know.
Love Ya!!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Funeral for a Friend.......My Poor Tree!!!

I had great aspirations for my friend the tree. I had hopes and dreams similar to those of a child. I hoped she would grow tall and straight! and live a long happy life. She was going to shade me in the summer as I lounged on the deck, reading or knitting. She would offer a great home to birds nesting or eating. she would offer some much needed privacy in this barron neighborhood! But sadly today she had to be cut down. she was half dead the result of being planted too deep and the roots wrapped around the trunk strangling her to death. I am sick about it. 6 years down the drain I can hardly stand to go out and look as My husband and my son CHOP her down WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

On a lighter note I finished the noni baguette bag and I just have to weave in the ends and felt it I hope it turns out. I am preparing my first package to send to my One Skein Pal I hope she likes it! I have received word that I will receive my secret pal package in the mail this week and I am very excited to see what it is. Is any one else having a bit of trouble keeping everyone straight?

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Finished BettyAnn's Shedir!!!

WHEWWWWW!! I finally finished BettyAnn's Shedier Chemo cap! I don't know what it was but I had a devil of a time with this cap. It really shouldn't have been that hard, just basic cables but it was the repeats I kept messing up, and ripping cables is absolutly NO FUN.
Anyway I think It turned out great, the pattern is so clever turning into a star at the top. Thanks to for providing the pattern free on I hope that BettyAnn likes it.

Look at the cute card I received in the mail from my secret pal 8 All the way from London! Thanks SP8!!