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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Damn It! Damn It! Damn It!

Damn It!!!!!!! so didn't I say a while ago that I was done knitting felted bags? That I had enough felted bags for a lifetime? Well Damn It I was at the yarn store getting something for my One skein Pal and I spied this pattern on the counter. Well I thought it was the cutest Damn thing I had seen, So Damn It I bought the Damn pattern. I bought the Damn yarn and I bought the Damn bamboo handle. I got home and put BettyAnn's shedir hat aside and started knitting... Easy enough knit in the round for 8 rows then back and forth changing colors for the striping blah blah blah. THEN THINGS GET PISSY!!!!
I start reading ahead and discover Damn It She' s selling the pattern for the flower that's attached to the bag in the picture.... SEPERATLY!!!!!!! $8.00 FOR THE BAG PATTERN AND $6.00 FOR THE FLOWER PATTERN!!!! Now I know no one held me hostage and made me go buy the Damn flower pattern but I was half way thru the Damn bag, I didn't feel like trying to figure it out my self, and well O.K. that would mean another trip to the yarn store!
But Damn It I just think it's kind of stinky to photograph the bag with the flower attached and then sell the flower pattern seperatly!!! Damn It!!!!!


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