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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

See Matt, I can do some things on my own

Hi everyone My name is Kim This is my first attempt to do anything techie other than E-Bay or my on-line banking. I have 2 sons in their mid 20's when they lived at home a couple of years ago I would just holler "Matt" "Tony" "can you help me, or can you do..." but they're gone now and I have to learn this stuff on my own. I have been toying with the idea of doing my own blog for a while now but I think the clincher was the Knitting Olympics. I participated like everyone else but I was unable to get the button because I didn't have my own blog. I would tell people about participating in the Knitting Olympics and they would say "what do you get? and I would say with hesitation " well... the self satisfaction of completing a challenging project" But it would have felt maybe a little better to say "a button on my blog AND the satisfaction of completing a challenging project" So any way Here We Go!!


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