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Friday, April 28, 2006

One Skein projects

I fell in love with Leigh Radford's book One Skein She has a variety of great projects I was interrested in and since I have a couple of expectant mom's in my life I thought I would pick it up get a jump start on the gift knitting. I love the book because who doesn't have single skeins of yarn on hand from finished projects. Also when you see that great skein of yarn at the store and you think what would I do with this or if it's a little expensive this book is great with lot's of ideas and quick projects.
These bibs were fun and quick to knit, basically a night in front of the t.v. I did however buy new yarn for these bibs Debbie Bliss and Rowan Handknit Cotton. I did wash and dry the orange bib because I wanted to make sure that it would wash up o.k. since most new mom's will throw these in the washer and dryer. It washed and dried up just fine I did have to press it though.
Oh one sugestion on the book. Take it to office max or kinko's and have it spiral bound. They do it in 5 minutes for 2.49 it's great for a book that you want to lay open and work from while you are knitting I had to put something heavy to weigh it open and it was kind of a pain. So of course After I finished the bib's I remembered the spiral bound thing.


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