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Sunday, April 30, 2006

O.K. Enough felted bags already!!

So Havn't we all gone through a knitting phase? socks, scarves, or FELTED BAGS! I have gone through a felted bag phase and I'm done! I don't think that I can knit another felted bag EVER! O.K. maybe a while or when I see that next really cute pattern. Sorry about the sideways pics.

I started out my phase with the Rose trellis bag in vogue knitting magazine. It wasn't that hard to knit, but the thing I don't like about it is the sides. It is knit in the round, and because the bag increases at each side going up, the trellis pattern does'nt line up visually at the sides. After knitting the bag you need to make 12 roses and 36 leaves. O.K. that was enough but then after felting, sewing all those roses and leaves on was a pain, I must admit that I did not do such a great job of sewing the leaves and roses on invisably because I was going to buy some Kaffe Fassett rose fabric and make a lining and hide all the mess. Well don't we all know how that goes I think I used the bag 1 time and didn't buy the fabric and now it just sits.

Next bag was the Scraptapulous bag, a pattern written by an employee at a local yarn store in my area Yarn Cafe. The next time I knit a pattern written by a novice I think I would ask how many times the project was knit using the printed pattern. There were several mistakes, typos and confusing directions. Anyway it was kinda fun to use up a lot of scrap yarns that everyone has in the scrap pile. it seemed like it took forever to knit though and I'm not entirely happy with how it turned out and again I don't think I have ever used it.
The Picture of bag #1 is actually the bag that started the entrelac phase. I purchased the kit for this bag on e-bay. I had never knit Entrelac before and guessing from the swatch that the woman left in the kit she hadn't either aparently we were having the same problem I just couldn't get it I tried and tried and looked up entrelac in my books and just couldn't get it, so I put it away probably for about 6 months. BINGO my local yarn store Amazing threads was teaching a class on a felted Entrelac market bag using the knitters book BAGS. I learned the trick I had been missing in class and knit the brighter colored bag first. My teacher had embellished her bag with embroidery but I decided to use the Shisha mirrors I got when I was knitting the mittens from Mag Kandis' Smitten Mittens book.
While I was knitting the first bag for the class I took out the E-bay kit and started on that. No wonder I was having such a hard time the directions were so bad. Any way I finished the grey/red backpack bag and was so inspired I started a 3rd bag using scraps of lambs pride worsted in kind of a gradeated/ rainbow effect. I do actually use those 3 entrelac bags.


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