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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Daphne and Sherman

Daphne and Sherman are the reason for Lucky Dog knits.

Daphne is my 2 1/2 year old Beagle we also nick name her CROTCH. God love her she is the sweetest dog but she is a royal pain in the ass, she is the neediest dog on the planet, she needs love, she needs attention, she needs her ball, she needs to sleep in our bed at night, she cries the most annoying high pitched cry when she doesn't get her way. You couldn't come to my door right now with out her having a caniption fit. But we love her and have fun with her.

Sherman is my 2 year old Boston English Bulldog. we nick name him pussy boy he is the biggest fraidey cat on the planet. He is afraid of paper, any loud noise, any quick movement, and his own shadow. This might be because he was a rescue dog. When his puppy mill owners got wind of the humane society coming to investigate they loaded all the moms and pups into a truck and dumped them on the side of the highway. He is the sweetest dog, calm, patient and loving. He also has the most hilarious disposition

Together they make a good pair, a handful, but fun. So any way when we first got them I made them each sweaters. I made the felted pattern from the Jill Eaton book Simple Chic. They were fun to knit and they looked adorable in them but of course they wouldn't wear them. So after some experimenting I came up with felted neck warmers. They are fun, quick to knit and best yet use up small amounts of leftover yarn. They love wearing them and if I don't say so myself they are damn cute. Lucky Dog knits came about because I said to them one day "look at how cute you are, You must be the Luckiest Dogs in the world to have some one knit such nice things for you"

I really enjoy using Lambs pride worsted or cascade 220. I enjoy making different combos of stripes and colors. I have even attached knitted flowers and decorative buttons to them. They are fum quick rewarding projects. I have sold some to friends and tried to sell them on E-Bay but I had a problem with people not finding them I mean how many people are going to look up Dog Neck warmers so I usually didn't have more than 5-10 people view them. So there you go that is Lucky dog knits.


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